Sometimes a new student is scheduled in a class but the new student doesn't show up in assignments. It may confuse the teacher, because he/she thinks the student is not properly scheduled in the class!

 Please remind the teacher, if a student is added to a class AFTER an  assignment was created, Achieve does not automatically put the new student in past assignments (the theory is that we don’t "automatically" make a student responsible for assignments if he/she wasn’t in the class at the time.) BUT, you can easily add a student to a previously created assignment. 

Method 1: Go to your class gradebook in “ By Assignment” view and click the “New Student” button at the top toolbar. Then choose the assignments you want to add him/her to. 

Method 2: Click the Scores button next to any assignment and there is an “Add Student” button there. Click that, and select the student from the drop down.