There are two options for Windows users: Browser or RDP client. 

Browser (recommended): go to and login. SAVE your credentials when prompted. When entering Achieve, you will be asked to enter your credentials again. Make sure you precede your user name with "achieve\" for example: achieve\jsmith. Tip: bookmark the URL or save to your toolbar/desktop.

RDP Client: Great for users that prefer clicking the RDP icon on their desktop without logging in. Note: this version does not allow the user to save files to their local computer. If transferring files to/from the user's local computer is a requirement, then the browser version is recommended. 

Download from

For handhelds and tablets, you can also download the Microsoft Remote Desktop at Google Play:

1.       After install, click “+ Add” in the top right corner.

2.       Click Remote Resources

3.       In Feed URL enter:

4.       Click Findfeeds

5.       Enter User Name   (format is:  achieve\ username

6.       Enter Password

7.       Check Save your password

8.       You will have to enter you username and password a second time (also click to save it)

9.       Popup: Accept certificate and connect? Check Don’t ask about this certificate again then click Connect

10.     In top right corner click settings and click Start connections in full screen, suggest you turn that off