RDP MAC and IPAD users:

1. From Apple App store, download and install Microsoft Remote Desktop

2. After install, click the + in the top right corner.

3. Click Remote Resources

4. Click E-mail or URL

5. Enter https://www.achievehosted.org

6. Click Done

7. Click Find Feed

8. Click Add User Account

9. Enter your user name, with format: achieve\UserName

10. Enter your password

11. Click Save

12. Click Find Feed

13. You should now have the Achieve icons. Click the icon to want to open.

File transfers on MAC:

The user will need to declare a shared folder on their MAC in order to save files back and forth. Here are the instructions:

1.       Open RDP on Mac

2.       At the top left toolbar, click on  “Microsoft Remote Desktop” 

3.       Click Preferences

4.       Click General tab

5.       At the bottom of the pop up, click the drop down “Add the folder you want to use in the folder redirection section” and select a folder.